Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. is a close-knit, family-and-friends company. We take collective pride in creating unique, wonderful craft beer, conceived with honest consideration for the environment and our local community. A job with us means joining a new family – including all the family outings, eye-rolling humour, and wacky siblings you can handle. We have an assertive company culture of camaraderie, strong leadership, ethics, innovation, passion, and genuine enthusiasm for what we do. Life moves pretty fast at Sleeping Giant.


Full-time, Salaried, Benefits, Craft Beer Perks

Local, family-run business seeking to fill in-house, full-time position to assist with HR department, bookkeeping, and retail store/taproom.

Work at Sleeping Giant Brewing Company in a fast-paced, close-knit, fun environment. This position will be filled by someone with the ability to recognize and resolve discrepancies. With strong planning and organizational skills resulted in a significant improvement in financial controls. Proactive approach evident in the implementation of more efficient computerized systems. Strong analytical and financial reporting skills. A dedicated worker focused on improving financial performance.


  • Self-motivated, follows directions well, can work independently
  • Excellent Time Management and Organizational skills
  • Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • Knowledge of the craft beer industry and culture is an asset
  • Experience working as a bookkeeper is an asset
  • Smart Serve certified


  • must be able to efficiently prepare the complete set of financial statements as well as manage accounts payable, accounts receivable and staff payroll
  • must be able to competently maintain accurate company-wide financial records and produce timely financial reports
  • must be able to be proficient in a number of accounting software applications
  • is a hard worker with a reputation for confidentiality and integrity
  • is accurate and organized with excellent analytical and reporting skills
  • will perform bookkeeping for all financial transactions
  • will reconcile and balance all accounts
  • will complete month end closings
  • will present financial statements
  • will analyze financial data and produce financial reports
  • will manage inventory
  • will administer accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • will process employee payroll
  • will calculate and prepare tax payments
  • will file tax reports
  • will assist with budget preparation
  • will complete external audit requirements

We are an equal opportunity employer, in that we only judge you on your beer preference...

If you have a passion for craft beer, and want to be a part of the family – including all the family outings, eye-rolling humour, and wacky siblings you can handle, apply by sending your resume to Applications close Friday, June 5, 2020.