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International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day


Friday March 8th
Sleeping Giant Brewing Co


Join the women of Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. and the North Shore Barley’s Angels as we celebrate International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day! Held on International Women’s Day each year, this event aims to unite women with a passion for beer, and promote women in the brewing industry.

Each year, home brewers and commercial brewers around the world brew together, producing their own variation on the year’s theme.

This year’s theme is Unite Forage, meaning each beer must feature a foraged ingredient. One of our brewers, Avery Henderson, has a special recipe in store for us. FRIDAY MARCH 8, we will begin at 1pm. Women from the community are invited to help with the brew itself and learn more about the brewing process.

Camperino is brewed on International Women’s Brew Day in honour of our dear friend Jeannine Ross-Armstrong who passed away 6 years ago. Proceeds from the sales of Camperino go towards our local Lakehead University bursary – The Sleeping Giant Brewing Company Jeannine Ross-Armstrong Memorial Bursary – helping a student in the Business Department at LU. #CheersToHer

Sign up for the brew day by filling in your information*

*These times are approximate to help us plan, feel free to drop by whenever and stay for as long as you’d like!

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