Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. is making an effort to participate in sustainable, eco-friendly practices that benefit our community and the planet. We know that even small changes can have a big impact.

All of our glass bottles are returnable to the brewery for a deposit, where we wash and re-use them. Using refillable growlers encourages everyone to bring back their empty used bottles and trade them in for new ones full of beer.

EcoSuperior, a not-for-profit organization aimed at encouraging ecological, social, and economically sustainable practices in Northwestern Ontario, has recognized us for our use of re-usable “clip tops” on our cans. These have a long lifespan and are made in Oregon from 96% recycled content. They are returnable to the brewery where we wash and re-use them, and they can also be used for other beer cans and pop cans if desired.

Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. is a proud Bullfrog facility, ensuring our energy is sustainably sourced, reducing emissions and supporting the growth of renewable energy in Canada. We also use steam to heat our water for brewing, which is eco-friendly and a great alternative to using a natural gas boiler.

We don’t use plastic bags in our storefront. Instead, we use paper grocery bags made from 40% recycled material. For our in-house events, we use biodegradable paper plates and utensils.

Spent Grains
After our beer is brewed, the “spent” grains are picked up by local farmers to feed their cattle instead of just throwing them out. We also use a portion of the spent grains to make dog treats in collaboration with Sweet North Bakery, Double Chocolate Almond Biscotti and Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies in collaboration with Baked In The Bay Bakery.

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