Hand Sanitizer


Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. is proud to produce and package Liquid Hand Sanitizer.

As growing demand meets supply headaches amid the COVID-19 pandemic, SGBC obtained a license to produce hand sanitizer, which is valid through March of 2021. Following the World Health Organization’s recommended recipe, we partnered with Microbiate, the product division of BioNorth Solutions, a local biotechnology company that focuses largely on environmental remediation. Microbiate sourced needed ingredients and guiding the production process.

Much of the product has headed to local businesses and institutions, including the City of Thunder Bay, Ornge Air Ambulance, doctors’ offices and clinics, and mines. It is also available to the public through our online store or at the brewery.

Along with our institutional customers and sales to the public, the SGBC has made Liquid Hand Sanitizer available free to a number of local non-profits like the Regional Food Distribution Association, Roots to Harvest, the Dew Drop Inn, as well as local restaurants and bars.

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